not just a site audit

Website quality assessments that make sense

Look at the bigger picture, your competitors, and how Google views your site. Designed to be actionable and to deliver results

a comprehensive look at your business

My methodology

Analytics analysis

Pulling data from multiple sources helps understand how your website is viewed by search algorithms. Every recommendation in the assessment will be supported by data.

Review against Google guidelines

Each suggestion will be made primarily based on recommendations from Google, either taken from their official guidelines or publicly shared advice from Google employees.

Technical SEO review

At the heart of every high-quality website lies a strong technical foundation. This review will include site structure assessment, Core Web Vitals, page speed and more!

Content quality assessment

Google emphasises that high quality content is key to better rankings. I'll help you understand what "create great content" actually means to you, your website and your business.

Site assessment FAQs

What happens next?

After you get in touch, we'll have a call to discuss the project. I'll ask a few questions about your business and also talk about how I can help.

Is this just an automated site audit?

The report you'll receive will be written by me, crafted specifically for your website. I use SEO tools to crawl and analyse your website, such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and Screaming Frog. These play a small, but very vital role in my site reviews.

How long does a site review take?

It can take up to two weeks, but more complex, bigger websites may require an extra week. This report is often more than 25 pages long.

What happens after the site review is complete?

I'll be happy to answer any questions about the contents of the review. These site reviews can be done as a standalone project so you can take away the recommendations and work with your team to improve your website. The recommendations will also include links to tutorials so your team is off to a good start.

Alternatively, you can decide to work with me on an on-going basis. I can consult and help make the required website improvements.

the Process

Diligent website evaluation which looks at the full picture

Step 1

Website analysis

By pulling data from multiple sources and looking at your competition and past algorithm changes, I'll prepare a list of recommendations.

Step 2

Priority list of actions

You'll receive a detailed, bespoke report highlighting all areas of your website which require work with a list of actions and priorities.

Step 3

Follow-up work

These reviews can be done as a standalone project which you then take to your in-house team, or you can hire me to help with the implementation.

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