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Who is Nik Andreev?

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my story so far

My aim is to make a difference

SEO fits with this. Through my work with different businesses, I can create positive experiences for people. Which also could translate into a positive experience for the business itself, in the form of increased traffic and revenue.

I really want to help people, and companies achieve their true potential. Often companies have a great product, marketing team and a strong digital marketing strategy but SEO isn't well integrated into the operation. I can help place that missing piece of that puzzle. I enjoy aligning all business units together to create a website that can be found by potential customers.

I was first exposed to SEO when I was at school and experimented with building a website using FrontPage. Yep, it was that long ago! Through the years I have been involved in building, optimising and redesigning websites.

SEO can be very technical but there's something to be said about acquiring this "sense" that comes with experience. SEO is only successful when you can combine that with the business understanding, and specialist knowledge.

Over the years I made sure I was always a step ahead, broadening my knowledge into other areas that can directly impact SEO:
• Conversion rate optimisation
• User testing and user experience
• Content strategy
• Actionable data analysis
• Product development
• Digital PR

While working for multiple companies, I was quickly recognised as the go-to SEO person.

Now I can bring my expertise, passion and experience to many companies through freelancing. It's an exciting time!

why choose me

You get all the above plus more


I like getting things done and seeing the results, so communication tends to happen quickly. I can work on my own or as part of your in-house team.


It’s my top priority for a reason. I’m a great communicator who understands the detail, but can communicate effectively to all stakeholders.


Let’s test, not guess. I will work with you to forecast ROI and build an SEO strategy we can put to the test. Delivering quality work that brings results.

A decade of SEO experience working in-house and agency side