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Drive organic traffic through effective content marketing

Potential customers are searching for services like yours, and have questions which need answering. Be the one they find!

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Create better content using data

Topic & keyword intent research

Produce content which people search for, and is presented in a way that makes the most sense. I can help you create pages which meet educational, navigational or transactional intents.

Content strategy for search

Building out content for search not only helps you rank for a larger breadth of keywords, it also engages users and drives conversions. I can work with you on a long-term content strategy.

Existing content optimisation

Allow your existing content to work harder for you, and rank better by making each and every page the best it can be! I can also help you find Featured Snippet, PAA and other SERP opportunities.

Page briefs & consulting

I can produce page briefs and work closely with your in-house editorial team. The key to good collaboration is creating a process which allows everyone to focus on doing what they are good at.

Content marketing FAQs

What happens next?

Get in touch with your requirements and what exactly you have in mind for your website. Usually, to start off with, we'll have a call to discuss your objectives and to answer any questions you may have.

Can you work with our in-house team?

Yes. I can work with your content and PR team and feed into any evergreen, or topical content they may want to produce. I can also work with freelance writers and help manage that relationship too.

What's your availability?

I'm currently available for one-off projects, contracts and on-going retainers. Please get in touch and I'll respond within the day.

Can content for SEO be part of our existing editorial calendar?

Yes! Educational content for search is very aligned to what your customers are likely to read and engage with. This means articles for search can be re-used by CRM, Social, App and other comms to engage customers.

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