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Data analysis & reporting

Improve decision-making by accurate data analysis driven by SEO insights and business data

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Improve decisions with data

Data warehousing

Combine different data sources to see the full picture. It's important to understand the role of SEO and how it can benefit your company so we can maximise the organic opportunity.

SEO forecasts

Sometimes estimating ROI from SEO can be tricky but not impossible. I can help you measure the potential return on a continues investment for the keywords you care about.

Data visualisation

Getting the data together and analysing it is one thing, but making it visual in a way that tells a story, is another. I can help you build meaningful reports which all stakeholders can understand.

Search algorithm analysis

Search engines tweak their algorithms all the time in an effort to improve their results. Websites can often be significantly impacted by these changes, positively or negatively, and I can help you understand why.

Data analysis FAQs

What happens next?

Get in touch with your requirements and the type of data analysis required. Usually, to start off with I will need access to Google Analytics and Search Console. I often need access to your own proprietary data too.

Can you use proprietary data sources?

Yes. Companies often collect internal data (e.g. user journey interactions) which can be combined with organic data to help paint the full picture.

What's your availability?

I'm currently available for one-off projects, contracts and on-going retainers. Please get in touch and I'll respond within the day.

Can you create custom SEO reports?

Yes. These can be built in Microsoft Excel and visualised in a presentation deck. I can also build custom Data Studio reports which are interactive and can be shared with the wider team.

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